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Micro Banking & BLB Department has been focusing to finance the core 'Missing Middle' section of the populace who can neither be classified under deprived category nor prioritized under Small and Medium Enterprises. The main targeted customers of this segments are salaried individuals, self-employed professionals, business owners, farmers, academicians, beneficiaries of Nepalese in foreign employment, daily waged based worker, technician etc.

  • Targeted to people who are neither categorized under deprived segment nor prioritized under SME or Retail.
  • Salaried individuals, self-employed professionals, farmers, academicians, registered business entities, etc. are the main targeted customers
  • Maximum limit of Rs.2.5 million for individual and business entities
  • Floating interest rate of up to 5% risk premium on base rate
  • Easy processing, low turn-around time
  • Flexibility in collateral valuation
Loan Products
Product Name Maximum Loan Limit
Siddhartha Micro Personal Loan (SMPK)  Rs.2.5 million
Siddhartha Micro Vehicle Loan (SMVK) Rs.1.5 million
Siddhartha Micro Home Loan (SMHK) Rs.2.5 million
Siddhartha Micro Entrepreneurship Loan (SMBK)  Rs.2.5 million

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