Rotary Co-Branded Card

Exclusively designed Uno Credit cards for Rotarians

Siddhartha Bank and Rotary International unite with a shared vision of serving society, culminating in the creation of this remarkable financial instrument. By combining convenience, security, and a commitment to social impact, this card embodies their joint mission to empower individuals and make a meaningful difference.

  • Logo of Rotary International along with logo of Siddhartha Bank, Visa and Uno.
  • Initial subscription fee waived.
  • 10 BPS (Basis point) of the transaction amount as incentive.
  • Standard Credit Limit of Rs 100,000 for which proof of income is not mandatory.
  • Discount up to 40% in partner merchant outlet of Uno.
  • Cash withdrawal facility up to 10% of sanctioned limit.
  • Interest-free credit facility for 15 to 45 days.
  • 4 years of validity.
  • Valid in Nepal, India and Bhutan.
  • Convenient and safe

Authorized Merchant List