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SBL ATM Locations



1 Anamnagar SBL, Anamnagar
2 Banasthali Siddhartha Banasthali Chowk, Banasthali
3 Bhairabnath Gan Premise Maharajgunj
4 Bouddha SBL, Bouddha
5 Budhanilkantha Park Village, Budhanilkantha
6 Chabahil ATM Lounge, Chabahil Chowk
7 Dattatraya Dattatray Durbar Square
8 Gatthaghar SBL, Gatthaghar
9 Gwarko SBL, B& B Hospital, Gwarko
10 Gongabu SBL, Gongabu
11 Halchowk SBL, Halchowk, Swoyambhu
12 Hattisar SBL, Hattisar
13 Head Office SBL, Hattisar
14 Kamalbinayak SBL, Kamalbinayak
15 Kalanki SBL, Kalanki
16 Kantipath SBL, Kantipath
17 Kuleshwor SBL, Kuleshwor
18 Kumaripati ATM Lounge, Kumaripati
19 Maharajgunj SBL, Maharajgunj
20 New Baneshwar ATM Lounge, New Baneshwar Chowk
21 New Road SBL, ATM Lounge, New Road
22 Old Baneshwar SBL, Kumari Complex, Old Baneshwar
23 Patan SBL, Patan Dhoka, Patan
24 Satdobato SBL, Satdobato
25 Sundarijal Chowk, Bus Park Sundarijal Chowk, Sundarijal
26 Tinkune Jagadamba Tower, Tinkune
27 Thamel SBL, Mandala Street, Thamel
28 Thamel I ATM Lounge, Thamel, Narsing Chowk
29 Thamel II ATM Lounge, Thamel, Chaksibari Marga
30 Thamel III ATM Lounge Thamel, Hotel Garuda
31 Thamel IV ATM Lounge  Thamel, Hot Bread Chowk
32 Thamel V ATM Lounge Thamel, Bhagawati Bahal
33 Tripureshwar SBL, Tripureshwar

33 Bardibas SBL, Bardibas
34 Bauniya SBL, Bauniya
35 Beltar SBL, Beltar
36 Beni SBL, Beni
37 Bhairahawa SBL, Prahari Tole, Bhairahawa
38 Biratnagar SBL, Matrika Marg, Biratnagar
39 Birauta SBL, Birauta, Pokhara
40 Birgunj SBL, Birgung
41 Birtamode SBL, Birtamode
42 Buddha Chowk SBL, Buddha Chowk, Pokhara
43 Butwal Hospital Line, Butwal
44 Chandragadi SBL, Chandragadi, Jhapa
45 Chipledhunga SBL, Chipledhunga, Pokhara
46 Dadeldhura SBL, Dadeldhura
47 Dailekh SBL, Dailekh
48 Damak SBL, Damak
49 Damak Chowk

Damak Chowk

(Old Gorkha Departmental Store Building)

50 Damauli SBL, Damauli
51 Dhangadi SBL, Dhangadi
52 Dharan SBL, Dharan
53 Ghorahi SBL, Ghorahi, Dang
54 Hetauda SBL Bank Road, Hetauda
55 Ilam SBL, Ilam
56 Itahari SBL, Itahari
57 Janakpur SBL, Janakpur
58 Kalaiya SBL, Kalaiya
59 Kawasoti SBL, Kawasoti
60 Khandbari SBL, Khandbari
61 Kohalpur SBL, Kohalpur
62 Krishnanagar SBL, Krishnanagar
63 Kshireshwar SBL, Kshireshwar
64 Mahendranagar SBL, Mahendranagar
65 Namche SBL, Namche
66 Namche Namche  Bazar
67 Narayangarh SBL, Narayangarh
68 Nepalgunj SBL, Nepalgunj
69 Nepalgunj Western Hospital, Nepalgunj
70 Nepalgunj Nepalgunj Airport, Nepalgunj
71 Parasi SBL, Parasi
72 Parshyang SBL, Parshyang, Pokhara
73 Pokhara Srijana Chowk, Pokhara
74 Pokhara Lakeside, Pokhara
75 Pokhara Center Point, Lakeside, Pokhara
76 Pokhara  ATM Lounge, Halanchwok
77 Pokhara ATM lounge, Pamee
78 Sauraha Sauraha Chowk
79 Simara SBL, Simara
80 Sindhuli SBL, Sindhuli
81 Sunauli Hotel Mamata, Sunauli
82 Suparetar Suparetar Barrack, Hetauda
83 Surkhet SBL. Surkhet
84 Tandi SBL, Tandi
85 Tikapur SBL, Tikapur
86 Tulsipur SBL, Tulsipur
87 Urlabari SBL, Urlabari 
88 Siddhartha Mobile ATM

As of June 28, 2017 10:19:42

Currency Unit Buying Selling
Cash Other
GBP 1 130.83 131.49 132.8
USD 1 102.49 103 103.6

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